Our fund will be used to manage and execute our goals in order to accelerate our industry's diversity and inclusion. Our aim is to create a minimum of €100.000 in start-up capital in 2020 to create an annual stream of partnership fees, sponsorship fees and subsidies to continue our work for many years to come. Until we are a truly diverse and inclusive industry, free of racism.


All Founders and Partners will participate and collaborate in our program.

Our program includes three main pillars; Research, Management Training, and Talent Training.


  • We will quantitatively measure the state of diversity (various levels and metrics) in our industry. Based on the results of our research, we will set new goals and start taking action.
  • We will qualitatively map the challenges and opportunities our industry faces to become more diverse and inclusive, both internally, externally, and everywhere in between.We will use our research findings to align with existing study results globally.

Management Training

  • To solve the most pervasive challenge in the industry, a lack of diverse hires, we will help your company become more diverse and inclusive through listening, learning, and acting. We will work with the best possible experts and trainers to ensure positive and impactful training.

Talent Training

  • We will create courses, mentorship programs, and internships specifically designed to accelerate young creative talent to give equal opportunity and account for historically misrepresented communities.