Dutch Marketing Diversity was founded in 2020 by a group of non-profit organizations. Together we represent all disciplines in the Dutch Marketing Industry. 


Other associations, platforms, foundations, awards and communities are welcome to join as a Founder.


Any company in the Dutch marketing industry can participate as a partner. 

Our goal is to unite all brands, agencies, publishers, and media and production companies to participate in the Fund and Program. 

Our first partners include Unilever, DPG Media, TBWA\NEBOKO, Zigt, Achtung!, Tony's Chocolonely, DEPT, dawn, Buutvrij for life, VICE, Alfred, &samhoud creative tech, Studio Dumbar, HERC the agency, Fitzroy, Sizzer, Qontent Matters, truus, Merkle Nederland, GRRR, Cloudfactory, thonik, NEEW and many more.

We are always open to new Founders and Partners, please contact us here.