Unity, Inclusivity, Change.


Our mission is to unite all companies and organizations in the Dutch marketing industry to co-create a healthy future based on equality, diversity, inclusion and anti-racism.

Our principles

Together we commit to respect and responsibility, transparancy and openness, action and accountability, positivity and collaboration.

Our beliefs

We believe that the world of marketing has the responsibility and the opportunity to grow a culture of equality, diversity, inclusion and anti-racism, not only because of the change needed within our industry but also because of our impact on business, culture, and society as the change-maker industry. 


The immediate work:

  • Create a fund and foundation 
  • Unite as many entities in the industry as possible to join as a founder or partner 
  • Conduct research to measure the state of equality, diversity, inclusion, and racism in Dutch marketing as well as map out the key challenges and opportunities
  • Change the composition of the boards, jury's, committees, speakers and content of all founding organizations to represent the diversity of the Dutch population
  • Train the boards and team members of all of our founding industry organizations to address and solve diversity, inclusion, and racism challenges
  • Train the management teams of all our partners to solve such challenges